Boston Marathon Two explosions occurred in Boston 16-4-2013 at the end of the line on monday

boston marthon expolsions monday 16-4-2013
boston marthon expolsions monday 16-4-2013

Two explosions occurred in Boston at the end of the line 16/4/2013 Boston Marathon on Monday, wounding an unspecified number of viewers and killed unspecified number of the participants in the Boston marathon.the security forces had evacuated a Boston hotels after the blasts, U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration to provide assistance to investigate the blasts. Boston Police have appealed to the population to stay in their homes.
Police in New York state raised the alert and tightened security measures after the bombing of the Boston Marathon, where counter-terrorism forces deployed around key locations in Manhattan, in addition to the subway stop the movement from work.

Boston marathon explosions Monday 16-4-2013

Boston marathon explosions Monday 16-4-2013

The two explosions occurred Boston after ending the thousands of runners participating in the 117 version of the marathon, and the fans were standing to greet the athletes at the finish line
The winners had already crossed the finish line when the explosion occurred Boston, but thousands of other racers were still in the race track. The television footage showed smoke billowing, ambulances and police officers near the finish line.
Said a spokesman for the Boston Police “was a blast. Was the police and firefighters and emergency services are in place,” At the same time, the Boston Police summoned security agents entrusted with the protection of the Boston Marathon 4/16/2013 for questioning.
According to the organizing committee for the race in Boston that the explosions Boston resulting from the “bombs” while increased police preparedness in Washington, DC, and the  Boston explosions in 2:45 minutes in the afternoon U.S. time, after hours of passing the contestants first finish line in Marathon Boston then Event bombing

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