Death of Steve Jobs Former Apple CEO


Death of Former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, at the age of 56 years, and Jobs was a pioneer in the PC industry and contributed greatly to change the way people think about technology.

The Apple American Group announced the resignation of director 24/08/2011 and co-founder Steve Jobs, who was on holiday, sick since January for unspecified reasons. Board of Directors and appointed second in charge in the company replaced Tim Cook Jobs.

He wrote the latter addressed to the Board of Directors of the Company until his resignation, including “I always say that if one day I can not do it my duty and what is expected of me as director of Apple, I will be the first to announce it.”

He added, “Unfortunately, this day has come. And I offer my resignation from the post of General Manager of Apple”.

The market value of the company that produces the iPhone & ipad $ 346 billion. The company became famous brand name (Apple) temporarily most expensive company in the world at the beginning of August , ahead of Exxon Mobil in the New York Stock Exchange, before returning to second place.

Steve Jobs was on sick leave last January for unspecified reasons. He underwent a liver transplant two years ago and survived cancer in 2004.


In the year before, he underwent the genius of the process of liver transplantation, and was forced into hiding for long periods, and then appear, then disappear, before shaving the veil for his pancreatic cancer.

The latest Jobs that with his co-founder, Steve Wozniak, a revolution in the personal computer in the second half of the seventies, started from the garage of his home. At the turn of the eighties was the first who discovered the commercial value of the operating systems, computer graphics and designs and mouse instead of printing or issuing commands using the keyboard. After an absence of business problems and devastating to the re-Apple devices glory with a series of «magic» from «iPod» and passing «iPhone» and «iPad»

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